44+ Best Free Flyer Templates in 2021

Implement Your Wildest Ideas

Nowadays, there are a lot of services that offer giant libraries of simple and comprehensible online designers, using which you can realize your wildest ideas: ElegantFlyer, Free-Psd-Templates, Bechance, and many others. You do not have to be a professional designer to create a spectacular and stylish flyer.

Boost sales? Increase attendance? Expand the target audience of the project? Attract new customers? Whatever your main goal is, online makers will help you achieve an excellent result — each template is made by an experienced specialist.

We present a top collection of 44 templates of relevant orientation for the implementation of your most creative ideas:

  1. Summertime — Free Flyer PSD Template

Summer is a perfect period for endless parties and a happy life. But even the best parties need good advertisement. The flyer template with a hot girl and a beautiful sunset will make your promotion efficient. Get lots of visitors in your club with zero costs!

2. Corporate Business Flyer Design Free Template (Green)

One of the purposes of a business flyer is to show your potential clients that you do your best to provide them with excellent services. With this template, you can do it easily. The unusual structure of the paper and attractive green design will allow you to get lots of new customers.

3. Church Conference — Free Flyer PSD Template

To invite people to a church conference, you certainly need a well-designed flyer. The one below is made in black and red which makes it different from all other templates you can find online. The great color combination and the amazing font styles carefully selected by designers are going to make your conference hall full of people.

4. Free Modern Men Fashion Sales Flyer Template

Fashionable clothes should be promoted with stylish flyers. Here is a template that can make your modern men’s fashion sales extremely successful. The colors used for the design will make any photos you add look amazing. With this template, you can show what discount is offered and attract new customers.

5. Summer Party Flyer Template

Here is a free summer party flyer template in a bright design. It is made in yellow, green, and black. The template depicts a hot tanned girl in a bikini. Keep in mind that it has a PSD format so you can edit and customize the template.

6. Game Night Flyer Template

Now, check out this free game night flyer template in saturated colors. It is made in purple, pink, and blue. The texting is in yellow, blue, and white. There is enough space for all the information so you can specify the necessary details for your guests.

7. Church Flyer Template

If you are looking for a restrained but attractive free church flyer or poster template, we’ve got something worthy for you. This template is made in dark blue, white, and brown. The texting is in gold which looks really elegant and sophisticated. Also, you can change the design of this template using Adobe Photoshop.

8. Birthday Party Flyer Template

Below you will find a free birthday party flyer template in dark shades. It is made in dark blue, light blue, and pink. The words are made in neon so they look bright and eye-catching just as the whole template.

9. Golf Flyer Template

Pay attention to this free golf open tournament flyer template. It is made in green, brown, and yellow. The texting is in white. This template depicts two golf clubs and a ball.

10. Church Flyer Template

Looking for something minimalistic and laconic? The following free church flyer PSD template is mainly made in black and white. It depicts a dark-skinned man in a business so the template looks more official and serious.

11. Corporate Flyer Template

Below you see a free corporate flyer PSD template. It is designed in black, white, and red. All the texts are in black and white so the information is easy to read. Also, you can edit and adjust the template using Photoshop.

12. Food Flyer Template

Looking for an appropriate free food flyer template in PSD? Check out the following template made in white, green, and orange. It depicts different fruits in fancy bowls on a white table. You just need to add a description and place a special offer.

13. Corporate Flyer Template

This free corporate flyer PSD template is also worth your attention. It is made in black, white, and different shades of brown. Such a template looks minimalistic and to-the-point so it will come in handy for everybody.

14. Candy Shop Flyer Template

Now, take a look at this free candy shop flyer template in PSD. It is made in white and different shades of pink. The template depicts a mouthwatering doughnut.

15. Movie Flyer Template

Going to the cinema is a special ritual. A large glass of cola, a portion of fragrant popcorn and, of course, incomparable anticipation of something truly new, impressive and stunning …

This flyer will create the most pleasant associations. Bright and colorful, it will make a great impression on a real movie fan.

16. Fitness Week Flyer Template

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities. The template in bright colors with the image of a sultry dark-skinned beauty will not leave anyone indifferent, be sure!

17. Birthday Party Flyer Template

A birthday party is always something special. It’s also the day that is defined by details. That is why even an invitation flyer should be as festive and atmospheric as possible.

This template will certainly appeal to both guests and the hero of the occasion.

18. Black Party Flyer Template

Black and white flyers always look winning and promising. Choose this template if you are soon planning to organize a memorable party with a guest DJ. You can easily replace the edited part with your own advertising text and photo.

19. Dance Studio Flyer Template

Dance time!

This template can be used both as a flyer for the upcoming party and as advertising for a dance studio.

20. Beer Pub Flyer Template

Oktober Fest is still far away, but going with friends to watch a football match with a glass of cold beer after a hard working week is not forbidden.

The template for successful advertising of the opening of a new pub or a reminder of the one that is a long time beloved.

21. Back to School Flyer Template

School time. Remember how you got cold feet at the board? How rejoiced at high scores and how upset at low? And didn’t you forget that bully who annoyed at breaks, pulling girls’ pigtails? Nostalgia! The Back to School template will adjust to the desired wave before the party! Such a style will definitely attract guests’ attention. In addition to it, the template is presented in four color variations.

22. Halloween Flyer Template

Halloween is the main holiday of autumn. Children adore him for “trick or treat”, and adults — for the opportunity to have fun at the masquerade party.

This template best fits the Halloween flyer on the occasion of the club party.

23. Drink Party Flyer Template

If you are planning something out of the ordinary, this provocative template is exactly what you were looking for. Alcohol party? Performing seductive showgirls? The bachelor party? An intriguing photo of parted wet lips is the very thing to attract the target audience. Conceptually, boldly, to-the-point.

24. Summer Flyer Template

Summer activities are usually the most memorable. Firstly, they can be easily organized in the open air (even a sudden thunderstorm is unlikely to become a hindrance to everyone’s fun!) Secondly, there is the opportunity to be creative with living decor: flowers, leaves, branches… A great option for a fun party, and any other unordinary event.

25. Camp Flyer Template

What could be more beautiful than spending the night in the open air? Campfire guitar songs, scary stories to the sound of a night forest rustling, marshmallows, and billions of stars overhead. It is these associations that will arise in the mind of the one in whose hands the flyer made according to this template will fall. If you have plans for a camping festival or something similar, there is an excellent option on the topic.

26. Beach Party Flyer Template

What summer it is without a pool party?

Concise, airy, with minimum distracting objects and with a maximum of the most important information. Such a flyer will do its job perfectly. Fans of minimalism will check it out!

27. Seminar Flyer Template

When it comes to a serious event, it is better to rely on simple solutions in advertising. Just one “flashy” color, a calm white background, and a photo of a focused man — this discreet template will be a good option for creating a flyer for the upcoming seminar, master class, business lecture, or conference.

28. Business Strategy Flyer Template

Bright colors lovers will also find a wonderful version — a template for creating a business flyer, made in a rich palette. Playing on contrasts is a winning move under any circumstances.

29. Summit Flyer Template

If you are planning to organize an event of narrowly focused activities, it is better to draw the attention of potential customers through creative design. Using this template, you can create something special — something that will pleasantly surprise, hook, and get into a person’s memory.

30. Fashion Flyer Template

Flyer for seasonal fashion sales must be at least fashionable. The design of this template is made following the classical scheme — a minimum of text, a calm background, a black and white photo, and bright yellow as a hook. Fashionistas will appreciate it!

31. Final Sale Flyer Template

Playing in color contrast will certainly attract a lot of attention. Exactly what you need for the final sale!

The template is universal. It is also well suited for advertising almost any type of product.

32. Great Fashion Collection Flyer Template

No matter what you are going to promote, the red color will definitely attract potential clients’ attention. Furthermore, if this is a new collection of the season — this template ensures you absolute success! Stylish, no-frills, but bright and noticeable.

33. Glitch Night Flyer Template

The mystical period of darkness — that time from sunset to sunrise, when the most incredible things happen — has always attracted with its mystery. Choose this template if you are planning a museum night, an original theater performance or a night party.

34. Free Health Care Flyer Template

First things first. Healthcare is always the most important. That is why it is so important to find a specialist whom you trust one hundred percent.

This is a great option for creating flyers specifically for those who are looking for a professional.

35. Business Flyer Template

Business flyers are quite a special group of flyers. Usually, there is no place for pretentiousness and frivolity. The potential audience does not really care about stylistic delights. They want to learn the details about the event. Moreover, the information is accessible and concise. Briefly and to the point.

This template is a great variation on the theme.

36. Corporate Flyer Template

Look at the great version of the finished template for the successful advertising of your business enterprise. Everything is classic: lovely and soft shades of blue, white background, a photograph that does not draw all the attention to itself, and well-structured text.

37. Marketing Flyer Template

Potential customers can be impressed not only with the text content, with a loud statement and well-thought-out layout of the visual components, but also with a semantic load. If we are talking about an important business strategy, then why not illustrate this with a photograph of a chess player?

38. Green Flyer Template

This multi-purpose template will help you make up advertising for the spring brunch, the women’s seminar, and the promotional sale of last year’s clothing collection. Pastel pink, emerald sprout, unobtrusively composed text and voila! — The classy flyer is ready.

39. Coronavirus Prevention Template

Unfortunately, a dangerous pandemic is a currently relevant topic. However, you should not panic! Forewarned is forearmed. Being aware of the real danger, not only can you prepare for it in advance, but also become accustomed to new conditions. You should always remember about preventive measures.

40. Event Poster Template

This is a universal template that is suitable either for parties advertising, as for dance performances promotion. Or maybe you aim to create a poster on the occasion of the arrival of a special musical guest? Dark blue, like a night surf, with a flood of mystery. Public interest is guaranteed!

41. Paint art Design Template

Pay attention to this bright template designed specifically for advertising a painting studio. Painting for beginners, courses in academic drawing or plastic anatomy, art therapy. You can advertise any direction related to the visual arts.

42. Yoga Class Template

Thanks to yoga, you can not only tighten the body but also find peace of mind. Simple asanas are for beginners, more complex ones are for those who have already immersed themselves in useful practices.

Soothing green, theme-based illustration. Pay attention to this template if your main task is to motivate the audience for long-term classes.

43. Fast Food Restaurant Promotion Template

“Fast food” can be both tasty and healthy at the same time. More vegetables, whole grain bread, fresh juice instead of soda, and here we are — no end to visitors!

A flyer template with mouth-watering photos and seductive promotional offers will certainly interest potential customers.

Effective design, standard size, and user-friendly PSD format with a fixed size. Creating your own unique invitation flyer for a fast food restaurant is easy!

44. Kids Beach Party Template

Kids explore the world through play. And what could be better than playing on the beach? The sun, the sea, sandcastles — nothing but fun!

Thinking of a game event on the beach? The smallest will definitely enjoy vibrant colors and cartoonish elements.

Thus, anyone can use the ready-made design product, easily changing texts, illustrations, photos, and even the color palette. Each template is represented by a well-composed PSD file, which even an amateur user can handle.

Unleash your creativity relying on the experience and professionalism of our designers!

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