The art of event advertising or 7 tips on how to make a felicitous flyer

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You can predict the success of an upcoming event by analyzing the promotional campaign. It is extremely important to attract as many people from the target audience as possible. You should allocate enough time to learning the interests, needs, and preferences of your potential client. One of the most important steps of preparation is flyers distribution.

Although the purpose of a flyer is to inform the person, it is essential to care about its design. The first impression is the key to a successful promotional campaign. People are fed up with mediocrity and empty moments. Not only should you inform the person about the event details but also you should brighten up their day using an eye-catching flyer design.

What is a flyer, then? It is a leaflet that has to attract a person’s attention, interest them, make them want to read the information about the upcoming event. You should make a design engaging and impressive so that people cannot resist the urge to read the flyer. Keep in mind that the style of the flyer should be relevant to the event and your target audience. Also, it should not be over complicated because it prevents a person from perceiving the info.

How do you make a perfect flyer design? No doubt, it requires a lot of patience and creativity.

However, we will share 7 tips on how to make a felicitous flyer:

You should shed new light on old things. Even reviewing the flyers of primitive design, you will get new insights. Do not try to invent something completely new because there is no need to. Pay attention to a simple, minimalistic design that fits every event. Do not let a person find fault in the extra element. If your event does not include anything extraordinary, pick up a basic, straightforward design.

Montague Project

Do not try to include every possible design element on one leaflet. Avoid using opposite colors, fonts, shapes. It does not even attract children anymore as it looks flat. You should remember that people are overwhelmed with designs of promotion campaigns because they go from everywhere. Therefore, your potential clients might be very picky.

Do not make people look for the most important information among superfluous decoration elements. Make it simple for a client so that they can remember the data and purpose of the event. If you doubt whether to place one more element or not — you would better leave the design the way it is.

Live Band — Free PSD Flyer Template

We understand that there is a wide range of fonts and it is quite difficult to pick up a suitable one. The thing is that people do not care about the font you use. They want to find out what type of event it is, when it is going to happen, and what benefits they get if visiting. Using more than 2 fonts, you do not let a person focus on anything so it might cause irritation. Then, your flyer will end up in the rubbish bin.

We recommend you to use two fonts that do not differ that much. Pick up the main font for the name of the event and its venue, the date, and a special offer for each visitor. Then, choose a smaller font size to add details about the organizers and special guests.

However, using more than 3 fonts can be justified if the event is uncommon. For instance, you promote the show of unusual clothes collection, an underground party, or an extraordinary exhibition. In other cases, limit yourself to 2, maximum 3 fonts.

Jazz Festival Poster

Most of us are visuals, so we are quite picky about design and appearance. We have already mentioned that it is best to use a minimalistic design. However, do not neglect the use of unusual images, combining styles, graphic elements.

However, make sure that the design is not oversaturated. If you combine elements of different styles, it is better to use soft, pastel colors.

Jazz Festival Poster

Try to replay a well-known image, make a reference to the classics, use an example from modern art. You should interest a person in a new, unexpected design that they have not met yet. Try to avoid trending decisions that are already abused by a lot of designers.

People are used to saturated colors on restaurant flyers and wedding invitations. Deceive their expectations — make the flyer black and white or use a bright, humorous look. Also, don’t be afraid to add hidden meaning to make the person think a little.

Even if a person does not fall within your target audience, they can save the flyer due to the interesting design. Then they will show it to a friend, family, colleagues. Thus, you might get many more clients than you expected.

Schirn at night

In addition to a successful design, you should work on the text content of the flyer. Use concise, vibrant headlines that catch your eye. It should be like the name of a book or magazine. If you are not familiar with the author of the book, it may interest you only by its unusual name. Even if a person does not take the flyer, they will be able to find the event on the Internet using your title.

The second point is the use of a hook. People like to get something in return, whether it’s a free cup of coffee or a discount on a second pizza. Sometimes, advertisers use click bates that are deciphered at the bottom of the flyer. Pick up a beneficial special offer that is relevant to your target audience.

Remember that you cannot be 100% sure that a person will take advantage of this offer. However, word of mouth works fine, and this person’s friends can also find out about your offer.

1 year of poster design

Every day there is ever-increasing automation and optimization of work processes. Millions of people go online. Hundreds of resources offer to help you with the design and decoration of flyers, and it would be foolish not to use them. However, how to choose a reliable design making service?

From our personal experience, we would recommend you to use Canva, PosterMyWall, Crello, or Elegantflyer. Using online design making services, you can create absolutely any flyer design. At the same time, you can either take ready-made templates and customize them, or create your own design. Keep in mind that each service offers both free flyer templates and premium collections.

Free flyer creator

Most often, such services allow you to easily edit templates, download, and print them. You can choose a suitable image, style, and adjust the size of the template. Most services are completely free, so we recommend that you take this opportunity.

As you can see, even a designer without experience can create an impressive and memorable flyer. You must remember that the main points are the unique design, competent content, and a proper special offer. Also, consider a suitable flyer format.

Despite the mediocrity of the upcoming event, interesting design and a cool offer will definitely interest a person. Do not be afraid to experiment with style, a combination of elements, or vivid images. Also, remember the special offer, which is a hook for visitors. We all love to get something for free, especially if it’s a cup of aromatic coffee or a glass of champagne at a party. Let the person struggle with the desire to attend your event.

Remember that a unique, direct design will appeal to almost everyone. Follow the result of the promotion and you will understand which design suits your company.

Flyer templates in PSD.

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