30+ Free Logos Set in Photoshop

Looking for an appropriate logos set you can use for the promotion of your product? Take some time to pay for a professional designer’s help. In this article, we have prepared 30+ free logos sets in Photoshop. They are absolutely free and easy to edit so that you can customize each set the way you like. Make sure to review all the collection of free logos sets to find the best one.

1. Free Bakery Logos Templates in EPS + PSD

This free bakery logos templates are made in white, beige, and dark brown. Such templates look calm but stylish so they will help you attract potential clients’ attention. You can also use Adobe Photoshop to change the look of the templates.

2. 12 Free Feminine Logo Templates (AI)

Here are 12 free feminine logo templates in restricted design. They are made in black and light grey which looks pretty unexpected. Still, the following logo templates are sophisticated and, of course, easy to edit.

3. Free Baseball Logos Templates in PSD + EPS

Just look at these free baseball logos templates in PSD. Made in black and white, they look simple and unobtrusive. Still, you can change the colors and design of these templates using Photoshop.

4. Create a Hand-Drawn Lotus Logo for Free Branding

Why not create a hand-drawn lotus logo for free branding? Here is an extremely attractive template in grey, pink, and gold. Altogether, such colors make the template look even more graceful and luxurious.

5. Free Beer Logo Set Template in PSD, AI, EPS

This free beer logo set is waiting for your attention. It is made in black, white, and light orange, so the template looks quite extraordinary. Anyways, you can customize the template using Adobe Photoshop.

6. 7 Free Editable Vintage Logo Templates

Here are 7 free editable vintage logo templates made in black, white, and red. The template is placed on a bright red background. It is vintage so not everybody will check out the design. But you can improve the design and make your potential clients love that.

7. Free Soccer Logos Templates in EPS + PSD

Here are 9 free soccer logos templates in EPS and PSD formats. The design is made in black, white, and orange, which makes the template more attractive. Need to edit a particular template? Open that in Photoshop and express yourself.

8. 20 Free Vintage Logo Templates

These 20 free vintage logo templates are worth your time. Although they look simple and ordinary, the fonts are quite eye-catching. The texting is in black but you can change it using Photoshop.

9. Free Hip Hop Logo Set Template in PSD + AI

Pay attention to this free hip hop logo set of templates in PSD. It is made in black and white, with the addition of purple and blue. The fonts look like graffiti which makes the template look more interesting.

10. Create a Construction Logo For Free

What if you create a construction logo for free using this template? Feel free to specify the name of your organization as well as put a short description and a slogan. You can customize the final version using Photoshop.

11. Free Floral Logo Templates in PSD, AI, EPS

Here is a free floral logo template in PSD, AI, and EPS formats. Made in light colors, they look gentle and sophisticated. You can edit and customize each template using Adobe Photoshop.

12. Free Hand Logo

Why not check out this freehand logo is black and white? All you need is to specify the name of the brand, add a short description, and your contact information. You can do all of that using Adobe Photoshop.

13. Free Toy Story Logo Set Template in PSD, AI, EPS

Here are 9 free toy story logo set templates in different formats. The design is made in several colors so you can easily change that in Adobe Photoshop. Make sure to ass a relevant caption and choose the right font.

14. Fashion shop logo template Free Vector

This fashion shop logo template draws attention from the first seconds. It is made in light blue, white, and pale pink. The design looks gentle and tender so you can leave it the way it is. Still, it is possible to edit and customize the template in Photoshop.

15. Free Bages and Label Set Template in PSD, AI, EPS

Check out this free badges and label set template in the unordinary design. It is made in dark grey, white, and light brown, which is simple and comprehensible. Of course, you can edit and customize the template using Adobe Photoshop.

16. Abstract logo editorial template Free Vector

If you are looking for something extraordinary, pay attention to this abstract logo editorial template in black and light orange. You can change the color palette and specify the relevant information using Adobe Photoshop.

17. Free Vintage Logo Templates in EPS + PSD

This free vintage logo templates set is made in black and white. Although the design looks quite restricted, you can dilute that by editing the template using Adobe Photoshop. To do that, you can also watch some tutorials or learn an editing guide.

18. Creative face mask logo template Free Vector

Here is a creative face mask logo template in white, light green, and black. This template is absolutely free and simple to edit so you can make it perfect without anybody’s assistance. As always, you are welcome to customize it using Photoshop.

19. Free Gaming Logos Templates in EPS + PSD

These free gaming logos templates in EPS and PSD are yours to command. Each template is made in a different color and it depicts a particular hero or symbol. If you want to edit or change the template, feel free to open that in Adobe Photoshop.

20. Phoenix logo template Free Vector

What about this Phoenix logo Vector template? It is made in light beige and dark grey, so such a combination looks to-the-point. You can replace the elements depicted and change texting using Photoshop.

21. Free Logo Food Track Template in PSD, AI, EPS

Here are 9 free logo food track templates in different styles. The design is made in black and light grey, each logo looks completed and comprehensible. You can order professional editing help or just customize the template on your own.

22. Supermarket logo template Free Vector

This free supermarket logo template is made in green and red. Except for bright texting, you can also see two small leaves above the name. Do not forget to change the description and specify the necessary details if you need them.

23. Free Hair Salon Logo Template in PSD, AI, EPS

Just look at this free hair salon logo template in PSD. It consists of 6 different logos that look stylish and eye-catching. Although the color palette is soft and gentle, you can change it by opening the template in Google Documents.

24. Rice logo template set Free Vector

This rice logo template set is made in white, yellow, and red. The design perfectly conveys the concept of organic products so you just need to specify the necessary details. This template is 100% customizable so you can easily edit that in Adobe Photoshop.

25. Free Travel Logo Set Template

Here are 9 free travel logo templates in black and white. The design of each logo looks restricted and simple. Still, you can edit the templates to make them look perfect using Photoshop.

26. Fashion brand logo template with tagline Free Vector

Here is a beautiful brand logo template with a tagline. It is made in white, light pink and green. The details are made in gold which makes the template look luxurious. You can always opt for editing the template.

27. Free MakeUp Logo Templates in PSD + AI

What about this free makeup logo set of templates? They are made in black and white which looks strong and no-frills. Feel free to open these templates in Photoshop to add some changes.

28. Minimal logo collection template in two colors Free Vector

Here is a minimal logo collection of templates in two colors. The design is made in white and turquoise, the elements are placed on black background. If you want to change something in the design, use Adobe Photoshop.

29. Free Music Logo Template

This free music logo template is yours to command. It is made in multiple colors which makes the design even more eye-catching. Each logo is fully editable and customizable so you will not have any problems while editing that.

30. Wedding monogram logo templates collection Free Vector

This wedding monogram logo templates collection is made in black, white, and gold. Each template has its own design and concept so you will definitely find something relevant. Do not hesitate to choose an appropriate logo and customize it using Photoshop.

So, it was our set of 30+ logos for Photoshop. As you see, it is now possible to find a relevant logo template for free. Of course, you can edit and customize each template using Photoshop. Also, you can watch some tutorials that will help you understand the editing process.

Did you like these logo templates? Feel free to choose the one that matches your needs and stay tuned with our new articles.

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