30+ Best Mockups for Photoshop in 2020

Nowadays, it is extremely important to pick up relevant mockups for your project or company. The mockup of appropriate design can help you promote a particular product and boost sales. Still, a lot of companies charge you for a high price for creating proper mockups. But if we say that you can get such mockups for free?

For your attention, here are the 30 best mockups for Photoshop in 2020. You can get them absolutely for free without a large effort. Each mockup is customizable so you can edit that using Adobe Photoshop. So, let’s get started right now.

1. Free PSD T-Shirt Mockup Templates

This T-shirt mockup is made in yellow and light blue, and the texting is in white. It looks simple but fresh and attractive. You can change the texts and edit the template using Adobe Photoshop.

2. Free Folded T-Shirt Mockup Template

This free folded T-shirt mockup template is made in white, the texting is in grey and red. Such a design is universal and quite restricted, so it will fit any concept. You can edit and customize this mockup using Photoshop.

3. Free Mouse Pad Set Mockup in PSD

Pay attention to this free mouse pad set mockup. It is made in orange and red, so such a design draws attention from the first second. If you want to change the style of this mockup, feel free to customize that in Adobe Photoshop.

4. 2k FREE Pair of Socks PSD Mockup Template — DOWNLOAD

Looking for a proper free pair of socks PSD mockup? Check out the following PSD mockup template in grey. It depicts three pairs of socks of different colors so you can choose what fits you best. Of course, you are allowed to edit and customize this mockup.

5. Free PSD Envelopes Mockup Templates

These free PSD envelopes mockup templates are made in dark nude colors. Each envelope has a different size and format so you can find the appropriate one. Keep in mind that these mockups are fully editable so you can change some elements using Adobe Photoshop.

6. 2k FREE Bucket Hat PSD Mockup Template

This free bucket hat PSD mockup is worth your attention. It depicts three bucket hats in neon green, black, and red. Remember that you can edit and customize the mockup using Photoshop. It is easy so the editing process usually takes around ten minutes.

7. Photography — 5 Free PSD Mockups

Here are 5 free PSD mockups for your photos. They are made in pink and light grey, each mockup depicts a photo that can be easily replaced. Overall, these mockups are fully editable so you can make them match your expectations.

8. Free book mockup

Need a stylish free book mockup in a simple design? Just look at this black and white mockup with the addition of yellow. You can place the name of the book, the author, and the publishing house, as well as its logo.

9. Free Keychain PSD Mockup

This keychain PSD mockup is made in silver and brown. The template has high resolution and it is fully editable. If you want to change something, feel free to open this keychain mockup in Adobe Photoshop.

10. Free Cardboard Box Mockup

This free cardboard box mockup is made in multiple colors. The design looks very extraordinary and stylish although it seems to be a bit childish. Nevertheless, you can edit this template using Adobe Photoshop to make it look perfect.

11. Free Sweatshirt Mockup in PSD

If you are looking for some simple solution, check out this free sweatshirt mockup in PSD. It is made in white and khaki, so the design looks quite ordinary. Keep in mind that this template is 100% editable so you can improve that using Adobe Photoshop.

12. Free Logo PSD Mockup

This free logo PSD mockup will definitely come in handy for you and your colleagues. It is made in black and white, so the design is ordinary. All you need is to add your logo and specify some necessary information if you want.

13. Free Aprons Set Mockup in PSD

Here is a free aprons set mockup in PSD format. It is made in black and violet, so everybody is going to like that. However, you can still change the colors and particular details of the mockup to make it look more stylish.

14. Free tent calendar mockup

Looking for a luxurious but free tent calendar mockup? It is made in white and gold, the texting is in black. Remember that you can add your logo and customize the mockup by using Adobe Photoshop.

15. Invitation — 3 Free PSD Mockups

Here are 3 free PSD invitation mockups in white and dark green. The design looks sophisticated and gentle as the cards are decorated with flowers print. You can use Photoshop to customize these mockups to your liking.

16. Free Can Mockup

Check out this free can mockup in pink and green. It depicts beautiful pink flamingos which make the template look even more attractive. Overall, this mockup just needs a bit of editing and it will become perfect.

17. Free Wedding Stationery PSD Mockup

Here is a free wedding stationery PSD mockup in dusty pink. This beautiful stationery mockup is yours to command. You can easily edit and customize that using Photoshop.

18. Free duct tape mockup

This free duct tape mockup is made in bright blue. It looks simple and restricted so you can use it for any purpose. Don’t forget that you can customize this mockup to your liking by using Adobe Photoshop.

19. Free Landscape Brochure Mockup in PSD

There are 3 free beautiful realistic mockups in high resolution. They depict stunning landscapes such as sea view. Each mockup can be easily edited if you open that in Adobe Photoshop.

20. Free candy bar mockup

Everybody loves candies. If you think so too, feel free to use this free candy bar mockup in bright orange and white. The pattern looks cool so the whole design seems extremely attractive.

21. Free Menu Mockup in PSD

This free menu mockup in PSD will perfectly suit a vegan or vegetarian restaurant. It is made in green which gets associated with nature right away. Therefore, you just need to specify the details at the bottom of the piece.

22. Free Business Cards Mockup

Looking for a proper free business cards mockup? Check out the following one: it is made in red, blue, and pale orange. Such a mockup will help you promote your services and strengthen your personal brand.

23. Free Display Tent Mockup in PSD

Here is a free display tent mockup in PSD. It is made in red and white, and it has a chequered print. The texting is in blue and white which looks to-the-point. Remember that you can add changes to this template using Adobe Photoshop.

24. Minimalistic composition of business card mockup Free Psd

This minimalistic composition of business card mockup looks ordinary but pretty sophisticated. It is made in white, pink, yellow, and black. The texting is in black so all the information is pretty easy to read.

25. Plastic Credit Cards — 3 Free PSD Mockups

What about this plastic credit cards mockup? It is made in yellow and orange, the print is a gradient. If you want to change something, feel free to edit the mockup to your liking using Adobe Photoshop.

26. Notebooks mockup with black element on black background Free Psd

This notebooks mockup with black elements is definitely worth your attention. It depicts two notebooks in beige and dark grey. Need to change some elements of this mockup? Open it in Adobe Photoshop and customize it the way you like.

27. Free Box PSD Mockup

This free box PSD mockup is made in white, red, and blue. The design looks extraordinary and quite interesting. If you want to customize this template, feel free to edit that in Adobe Photoshop.

28. Set of two badge identity cards mockup Free Psd

Check out this set of two badge identity cards mockup. It is free and very easy to edit and customize. Such a mockup will come in handy for you and your company.

29. Free CD Cover PSD Mockup

This free CD cover PSD mockup is made in several different colors. Such a combination of colors makes the design look unordinary and eye-catching. You can also customize this CD cover PSD mockup using Photoshop.

30. USB stick mockup for merchandising Free Psd

Need to pick up a good USB stick mockup for merchandising? Want it to be free and high-quality? Do not hesitate to get this free PSD Usb stick mockup. Made in pale green and silver, it will help you promote the product.

These were the 30 best mockups for Photoshop you can opt for in 2020. Each mockup is made by a professional designer and can be easily edited with the use of Photoshop. Keep in mind that we constantly browse the Internet to follow the latest trends in mockup design. Therefore, we write about the most attractive mockups you can get nowadays.

If you are interested in fashionable mockups and templates, stay tuned with our new articles. Also, feel free to subscribe to our social media as we post a lot of free materials there.

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