46+ Best Free Google Docs Templates in 2021

Would you like to save some money on getting designer Google Docs templates? A lot of people opt for ordering templates from professional designers. However, you can get the same quality templates for free, using the appropriate websites. In this article, we are going to share the 30 best free Google Docs templates. You can edit and customize each of them just using Google Documents. Ready? Let’s get started then!

  1. Modern Hand Drawn CV Template — free Google Docs template

Pay attention to this free modern hand-drawn CV template in Google Docs. It looks pretty unordinary as it is made in black, orange, and white. Using this CV template, you will easily present your strong suits and values. As always, remember that you can opt for Google Documents to edit and customize the template.

2. Accounting Firm/Department Organizational Chart Template

Here you will find a free accounting firm/department organizational chart template. It is made in light pastel colors including pale green and yellow. The template basically depicts an organizational chart that looks like an algorithm. You can edit and customize that using Google Documents.

3. Double Sided Health Brochure — free Google Docs template

Preparing a big health conference? Want to promote your event efficiently? Here is a brochure with an attractive blue and green design. With it, you will make everyone sure that your conference is worth visiting.

4. Invoice with Sales Tax Template

This free invoice with sales tax template is made in the most minimalistic design. It is designed in black and white with one blue line. Some texting is in green and it makes the template look a bit more interesting. Make sure to edit the template and specify all the necessary information as well as contact details.

5. Restaurant Menu — free Google Docs Template

This free restaurant menu template looks fabulous but quite restricted. It is designed in simple colors such as white, red, and green. If you are looking for a relevant template for the Italian food restaurant, consider using this one.

6. Free Car Rental Receipt Template

This free car rental receipt template is designed in white, light blue, and turquoise. This style and color combination will match any type of company. Remember that you can edit and customize the template in a few minutes.

7. Construction Monthly Finance Tracking Template

Now, take a look at this free construction monthly finance tracking template. It is made in black, white, and blue so the design is kept minimalistic. Such a template is intuitively understandable so you will enjoy using it. Also, remember there is always an opportunity to do some editing.

8. Nonprofit Program Budget Template

Below you will find a free non-profit program budget template. Such templates should stay restrained and minimalistic. Well, we are 100% sure this piece will come in handy for you and your project or organization. It is made in just black, white, and light blue but you can modify its design using Google Documents.

9. Possible Accounting Strategies Checklist Template

Here we have placed a free possible accounting strategies checklist template. It is made in just black and white so the template is discreet and minimalistic. It has a comprehensible structure and adjustable layouts so feel free to edit the piece.

10. Dance Business Card — free Google Docs template

A dancer’s business card should be as creative as the movement he is making on the dance floor. This one has a mysterious dark background with a beautiful woman in a white dress. You will have plenty of space for writing your contact details.

11. Monthly Calendar 2021 — free Google Docs Template

The end of autumn is the best time to make a plan for the following year. This free monthly calendar 2021 is made in pale green, white, and pink. The texting is in black and burgundy. Of course, you can change some details by editing the template.

12. Free Nonprofit Program Budget Template

Every nonprofit organization has to get proper budget templates. Your task is to follow the rules and publish all income and outcome details. This free nonprofit program budget template will definitely come in handy.

13. Certificate Of Training — free Google Docs template

When a person receives a certificate of training, it is a very special moment. We all like to be awarded for our efforts, don’t we? Made in blue, this template has a sleek and stylish design, making it perfect to present to those who have just finished a course.

14. Trifold Travel Brochure — free Google Docs Template

Trifold brochures can help you get more clients as they are easy to read. If you want to present the information in the best possible way, consider using the following template. It is made in white, light grey, and pale orange.

15. Free Blank School Desk Calendar Template

Looking for a relevant school desk calendar? Check out this one: it is made in the simple design and usual colors such as white and green. If you want to replace the photo or change the texting, feel free to edit this free black school desk calendar template.

16. Abstract Geometric Invoice — free Google Docs template

It’s always a good idea to use an invoice that helps your company stand out in the crowd. This template contains orange, purple, and red colors which create a perfect combination together. Receiving such a colorful invoice is much more pleasant than a black and white piece of paper with scary figures on it.

17. Business Project Management Desk Calendar — free Google Docs template

If you are working in the office, you cannot use a calendar with cats or sunset views on it. This project management calendar will make it easier for you to create a schedule for the coming week. You will have enough space to write about the most important events of every month.

18. Company Letterhead — free Google Docs Template

This company letterhead looks extremely stylish also it does not contain any extra elements. The template is made in black, white, and pale pink. You can also place your company’s logo and specify the contact information.

19. Church Letterhead — free Google Docs template

This letterhead is formal enough to place important information on it. At the same time, it looks very nice which will make people consider coming to your next Sunday service. You can place the logo of the church and replace the text with your own one in a few clicks.

20. Free Monthly School Desk Calendar Template

This school desk calendar template is made in white and blue, and the texting is in black. You can edit the text or change some details by customizing the template in Google Documents. It will help you make the template match your expectations.

21. Original Birthday Invitation — free Google Docs Template

This birthday invitation template is made in pale green and white. It contains a photo that can be easily replaced. If you would like to change some details, you can do that using Google Documents.

22. Free Printable Calendar Template

This calendar template is generally made black and white. The benefit of this template is that is it printable. You can edit the template or change the color of the headings using Google Documents.

23. Parent Newsletter — free Google Docs template

If you want to share some important info with those who are growing kids, you can do it in a creative way. This template is not just beautiful, but it is also well-structured. Divide everything you want to write into a few pieces and place each of them in a responsive block.

24. Black Certificate of appreciation — free Google Docs Template

Need to pick up a relevant certificate of appreciation for your company or organization? It is made in black, white, and gold, which looks graceful and sophisticated. Do not forget to change the names and add your contact information. You just need to open that in Google Documents.

25. Free Advertising Services Quotation Template

This template is designed in black, white, and yellow. If you want to advertise your services or company, you are welcome to use this free advertising services quotation template. You can change the details using Google Documents.

26. Middle School Newspaper — free Google Docs template

Writing a newspaper is not a piece of cake. Do you have great writing skills but struggling with design? This template can be a solution. All you have to do is to add your news and photos. If you want to change the color of the background, you can do it as well.

27. Stylish Designer Resume — free Google Docs Template

Just look at this stylish designer resume template! It is made in black white, and the texting is in pale yellow. Although the design is restricted, it looks very exquisite. Remember that you can replace the photo and edit some details using Google Documents.

28. Free Simple School Lesson Plan Template

This free simple school lesson plan template is made in aqua blue. Although the design looks pretty simple, you can improve that using Google Documents. Feel free to customize this template as it usually takes just a few minutes.

29. Actor Resume — free Google Docs template

Here is a template that can help you tell about your skills, talents, and achievements. The paper is divided into two parts. The left one shows the period when you were doing a certain activity, while the right one includes the info about what exactly you were doing in these years. A good structure is something recruiters appreciate.

30. Photo Brochure — free Google Docs Template

Need to get a stylish photo brochure template? This brochure is designed in white and beige, and it depicts a gorgeous bright photo. You can replace a photo and edit the colors of texting using Google Docs.

31. EUDORA — Pink Resume Template

Look at this pink resume template in a casual design. It is divided into several parts so you can present your educational base, soft and hard skills. You can also place your photo in the top right corner to make the template fresher.

32. Fashion Flyer — free Google Docs Template

This free fashion flyer template is made in purple and white. It depicts two beautiful girls with gorgeous makeup. You can use this template to promote your beauty services or upcoming event related to beauty or fashion.

33. HERO — Elegant Resume Template

If you are looking for something gentle and elegant, pay attention to this resume template in white and light blue. There is enough place to specify all the necessary information and your photo. Keep in mind that you can edit the template by opening that in Google Documents.

34. Menu Bar — free Google Docs template

The great contrast between the black background and colorful elements on it make this menu attractive. If you are looking for a template that will make everyone in your bar think of ordering one more delicious cocktail, it can be a good choice.

35. Oktoberfest Poster — free Google Docs Template

This Oktoberfest poster template looks bright and fresh. That is why it attracts potential guests’ attention immediately. Don’t forget to write down the date and the location for the upcoming event.

36. DEMETER — Professional 1-Column Resume Template

Some people prefer 1-column resume templates because they are quite convenient and easy to read. If you are one of them, this resume template will come in handy for you. It is made in black, white, and turquoise. Of course, you can change the color palette and edit the template to your liking.

37. Animal Newspaper — free Google Docs Template

This animal newspaper can help you inform people about the problem related to animals. For example, you can write about violence or a large number of stray animals on the streets. This newspaper will help you pick up the right structure to present the information.

38. ADDA — Magazine Resume Template

This magazine resume template is made in orange and dark grey. That is why you can divide and structure all the relevant information. Feel free to place your photo and edit this template using Google Documents.

39. Music Newsletter — free Google Docs Template

This free music newsletter template is made in purple and white. The texting is in black so all the information is easy to read. Of course, you can open this template in Google Docs to add some changes.

40. HERMIA — Professional and Modern Resume Template

This free resume template looks bright and fresh. It is made in white and orange, and there is a photo in the left upper corner. If you want to improve the template, feel free to edit that using Google Documents.

41. Special Halloween Menu — free Google Docs Template

This free Halloween menu template is made in dark colors such as blue and black. It depicts eerie pumpkins which make the template look even more mysterious. Do not forget to customize the template and specify the necessary details about your company.

42. WIXO — Elegant Blue Resume Template

This elegant resume template is made in white and light blue. It does not depict a photo which makes the template look more official and restricted. If you want to change some details, feel free to edit the template using Google Documents.

43. Student Newspaper — free Google Docs Template

Looking for an appropriate student newspaper template? Check out the following one: it is made in white and pale green which makes the template look more restricted. You can replace an image and change the texting if you want.

44. THELKA — Alternate Blue White Resume Template

Just look at this alternate blue and white resume template! It does not depict any extra elements although it looks pretty stylish. If you need to edit the template, you can make it match your desires using Google Docs.

45. Halloween Evening Invitation — free Google Docs Template

Invite people to join you for the Halloween using this free evening invitation template. It is made in white, black, and orange, and there is a picture in the center. Overall, the template looks very stylish so you can just change the details related to the date and location of the event. Trick or treat?

46. AGNETA — Clean and Modern Resume Template

If you need some plain but modern resume template, opt for the following one. It is made in white and light yellow which makes the template calm and unobtrusive. You are welcome to change some details and edit the position of particular elements. Just open the template in Google Documents and customize that the way you want.

So, these were the 46 best Google Docs templates you can opt for in 2021. Of course, you can get many more gorgeous templates depending on your purposes. Nowadays, it is much easier to find a high-quality relevant google docs template for free. All you need is to define your main goals and decide what design you are looking for.

Of course, you can edit and customize every template using Google Documents. Therefore, it expands the limits and you can create a perfect template on your own. If you like the idea of getting beautiful google templates for free, stay tuned with our latest updates.

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